GBG Ahmedabad About us

GBG Ahmedabad was declared No. 1 community in 2013 among 130+ chapters worldwide and No. 4 community in 2014 among 160+ chapters worldwide by Google.

GBG Ahmedabad Group

What is GBG Ahmedabad?

Google Business Group – GBG Ahmedabad is a community where entrepreneurs and start-ups from Ahmedabad share and learn web technologies.

Who manages GBG Ahmedabad?

It is managed by a team of business professionals, passionate about bringing the benefits of the web to local business communities, on a volunteer, unpaid basis.

What does GBG Ahmedabad do?

GBG Ahmedabad organizes events in form of social gatherings, seminars, workshops, online hangouts, larger events and other activities once every month.

Who benefits from GBG Ahmedabad?

Like-minded entrepreneurs and start-ups connect, learn and get inspired on how Google products and web technologies can improve efficiency, productivity and impact overall success of their business. This could be to better market their company online, successfully sell products or services on the internet or improve internal / external business processes for their organization. Collaborating and learning from each other helps everyone achieve more.

Who can join GBG Ahmedabad?

All entrepreneurs and start-ups from Ahmedabad are welcome to connect with and become members of GBG Ahmedabad.

How to connect with GBG Ahmedabad?

Follow our Google+ Page:
Like our Facebook Page:
Follow our Twitter Handle:
Subscribe our YouTube Channel:
Visit our Website:

How to become a member of GBG Ahmedabad?

Step 1: Visit Google+
Step 2: Sign in or Sign up with Gmail ID (only)
Step 3: Now open a new tab and visit
Step 4: Click “I’m a member” button (only once) on bottom-right corner
Step 5: Then visit and click “Ask to join” button on top-right corner

How to attend events of GBG Ahmedabad?

No email invitations of our events are sent to members. But they are expected to follow these steps to be informed, register and attend these events:

Step 1: Visit our Google+ or Facebook pages (links given above) regularly and check for any event announcements
Step 2: Once announced, follow the steps mentioned in the announcement posts on these Google+ or Facebook pages to register and than attend these events

Are there women activities at GBG Ahmedabad?

We have a separate GBG Ahmedabad Women Team to plan and organize women events at GBG Ahmedabad. Visit GBG Ahmedabad Women Group page for more details.

How to support GBG Ahmedabad?

GBG Ahmedabad has also developed a blog where interested members share articles on Google Technologies, Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Start-up Eco System etc. Any member is welcome to become an author.

Experts can become Speakers at our events. Experienced Members can become Partners and extend their long-term services (venue, hosting, photography, videography, public relations etc) for successful management of the community and/or events. We also welcome Supporters who can support us by fulfilling or event-specific needs (food, stationery, internet access, audio and visual equipments etc). Student Members can become Student Associates and help us organize events in their colleges.

Interested Authors, Speakers, Partners, Supporters, Student Associates can contact authorities at GBG Ahmedabad.

Who are authorities at GBG Ahmedabad?

Manager – Mitesh Sanghvi
Co-organizer – Tejas Mehta
Co-organizer – Kinjal Desai

Disclaimer: GBG Ahmedabad is an independent local user group with an interest in Google technology for business. Activities conducted, content published and the opinions expressed on this website should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.

Our Hashtags: #GBG #GBGahmedabad